Email Marketing and Social Media

May 7, 2008

The end of April saw the latest SMX show, SMX Social Media Marketing Expo in Long Beach, CA. Our Bruce Clay blogger-extraordinaire Lisa Barone caught a bunch of the action and posted it to the Bruce Clay blog. Social media is fast on the rise, representing a big part of users’ time online.

According to Morgan Stanley’s recently released report on Internet trends, social sites have reached a 16 percent share of global online time. This is even more remarkable considering the category wasn’t even included in the report three years ago. With the recently-exploding prevalence of social sites, marketers need to get up to speed on the power of social media sites and the ways in which they can be used for marketing goals. SMX Social Media was full of sessions to help marketers utilize the opportunities presented by social media sites, and Bruce, Susan and Robert discuss some of those valuable lessons.

Also on the show is Adam Audette of AudetteMedia and moderator of the Internet marketing discussion list, LED Digest. Adam and Robert talk about the value of email discussion lists, the relevance of email marketing, and common mistakes companies make in their email marketing campaigns.

At the end of the show our hosts delve into the obstacles of staying competitive and relevant in the rapidly-evolving online environment. With the intense level of competition and the up-to-the-minute potential of updated content, the Internet provides unique challenges for marketers trying to stay on the cutting edge. Bruce, Robert and Susan talk about how often company and client material is updated and what avenues can be used in order to remain visible to your audience.