Mobile and Social Marketing Updates

November 3, 2011

The mobile Internet market is one of the most rapidly advancing, with new devices and marketing opportunities introduced regularly. Google has released Android 4.0, the latest version of its operating system for mobile devices. Analysis of the release explains Google’s goal to “inspire the same kind of devotion to Android that Apple owners have for their hardware. It also wants to match Apple service for service, including music and media, so there’s no perceived gap or deficiency in Android’s feature set.” Google is also advancing the options available to mobile advertisers with new features and ad types for AdWords, namely ad circulars and deep-linking.

Kristy Bolsinger (@kristy), social business consultant at Ant’s Eye View and blogger at, shares social media best practices. She discusses how to determine how a business should regulate employees’ social media use, the challenge of determining ROI from social media, and the process of socializing a product or service beyond the brand. She also explains her advice not to use social media as a business’s only online presence, and examines the marketing implications of a new feature that groups news feed stories by topic.

Then Aaron, Jessica and Virginia look at ways to help your Facebook content be visible in the Top News Feed. The most engaging content is rewarded by EdgeRank, Facebook’s ranking algorithm. Similar to the goals of all online content, a brand can improve its chances of being viewed in Top Stories by including photos, videos, questions, surveys and content that provokes discussion.