Show archive of February 2010

    1. What’s the Social Media Buzz This Week?

      February 24, 2010

      Social media is becoming an increasingly potent marketing influence and it’s the theme of today’s show. Bruce, Susan and Virginia kick things off by considering if and how a social media user’s sphere of influence should be considered as part of their lifetime customer value. On a blog post titled Companies Should Factor ‘Social Influence’ Into Total Customer Value, Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang outlines the benefits and risks of accounting for a users social influence.

      Shannon Poole then talks to Virginia about her social media strategy for developing business, especially at conferences like the upcoming SMX West. Shannon will be involved in business development for Bruce Clay, Inc., and while at conferences like SMX and SES, she plans to use every tool available to her advantage. Speed of interaction, picking up on cues of interest, and attendance at educational events will all play a part in her business development strategy at search marketing shows. The Bruce Clay, Inc. booth at SMX West is #307. To receive a 10 percent discount on conference registration, use the discount code smx10bruceclay. Shannon B. Poole

      Then Susan, Virginia and Bradley examine Internet giant Google’s latest foray into the social space, Google Buzz. Reactions to the new social networking features of Google Gmail have run the gamut from privacy related outrage to the instant acceptance that was never granted to Google Wave. Bradley wants to know what Google Buzz does that other social networks don’t already do. Susan believes that because Buzz has a built-in user base, it will be a well-adopted success for Google.

    2. Bruce Clay Australia Reports & Training Events

      February 17, 2010

      Today is the first of several SEO training courses being offered across Australia by Bruce Clay Australia. On the show, Bruce, Susan and Virginia highlight the new offerings and resources offered by the team at Bruce Clay Australia, including a recent blog post titled Keyword Research — Factors to Consider. Keyword seasonality is discussed along with keyword regionality. The hosts also consider an approach for long-term optimization of seasonal keywords, a concept described by the freshly minted phrase “keyword mobility.”

      Des Odell, director and co-founder of Bruce Clay Australia, jumps in to share lots of news coming out of the office in Sydney. The company has released a report on SEO factors and trends as an overview of high-level SEO opportunities as well as actionable recommendations for taking advantage of each. Bruce Clay Australia has also teamed up with the U.S. offices to report the country’s Internet marketing news within the SEOToolSet Newsletter. In Bruce Clay Australia’s debut newsletter article, readers will find statistics and analysis on the state of the Australian search market, where PPC advertising is much more widely adopted than SEO marketing.

      Bradley, Susan and Virginia then take a closer look at the SEO Factors and Trends Report. Bradley appreciates that the report takes a broad and high level view of search engine optimization, yet it is focused on the critical and complex SEO issue of content relevance. Susan explains how the goal of SEO has expanded beyond having the right content, as more and more sites compete for this status. Now it’s about getting that right content out to people when they need it through a speedy site, on the go through mobile-friendly versions, and in multiple ways for different learning types through engagement objects™.

    3. SEO Education & Trends with SMX’s Chris Sherman

      February 10, 2010

      Search engine optimization has entered the mainstream marketing consciousness. With increased awareness comes an increased desire to learn about and take advantage of SEO potential. Part of an SEO’s knowledge comes from personal experience and part of it comes from the wisdom of thought leaders. On today’s show, Bruce Clay and the hosts consider both of the above means of SEO education. Bruce, Susan and Virginia start the show by reviewing Bruce’s recommendations for SEO research and testing. Experimental research is how Bruce developed SEO best practices beginning in 1996, and he advises SEOs to carefully test their tactics and theories through practical applications.

      Chris Sherman
      Chris Sherman then joins the program to share insight into the direction and offerings of the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Conference Series this year. Chris is the co-chair of SMX and executive editor of Search Engine Land. He discusses what he sees as the overall focus of SMX in the year ahead and how it fits into the evolution of the SEM industry as a whole. Chris talks about the demand for education and networking opportunities and how new sessions and speakers are chosen for the conference line up. He also gives listeners a behind-the-scenes peak at Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s upcoming keynote presentation at SMX West, how the information Ballmer will share is developing day-to-day, and why marketers should be paying attention to Bing.

      Finally, Susan, Virginia and Michael consider the criteria for deciding whether or not a training or education event is right for you. Some conferences break down sessions by skill level and subject matter. Some training events focus on specific areas of online marketing, such as local search, advanced SEO or international marketing. Bruce has predicted that the increased demand for SEO education will lead to an increase in training opportunities. And don’t forget about Bruce Clay, Inc.’s SEOToolSet Training, with a standard course and an advanced certification course offered nearly every month on the West Coast, every quarter on the East Coast, and across Australia in the coming months.

      Listen to this episode and chat with the hosts of SEM Synergy, on Wednesday, February 10, at 3 Eastern, Noon Pacific on

    4. Blogging and Authority with Lisa Barone

      February 3, 2010

      Today Bruce Clay and the hosts explore the value of blogging and measures of authority online. A company blog offers many marketing advantages, such as demonstration of expertise, interaction with a community, and communicating a company as personable and value driven. Susan points out that companies don’t need to fear giving up brand control when hiring a blogger. For example, Bruce Clay, Inc. was able to transition from blogger to blogger because while the voice changed, the company’s strengths and values remained. Bruce highlights the fact that while many great goals can be accomplished through a blog, you should know ahead of time that a blog is resource intensive.

      Lisa Barone
      Lisa Barone, co-founder and chief branding officer of Internet marketing firm Outspoken Media, visited her former co-workers and friends at the Bruce Clay, Inc. office last week. While in town, Lisa, Susan and Virginia head to a local hangout to drink margaritas and talk about blogging and marketing. Lisa shares her method for generating blog posts and content for clients. She also talks about the importance of self promotion, explaining that promotion can be more important than the quality of content — because even the world’s greatest content won’t be read if no one knows about it.

      Lisa is a trusted authority as a blogger and community builder because she has proven her expertise to the community. It leads Susan, Virginia and Michael to consider the qualities of an authority and how one can cultivate authority status. Along with having an expert level of knowledge, an authority also gives back to the community by sharing their research and experience.