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    1. International SEO and Online Communities with Ben Huh

      August 25, 2010

      No one ever said SEO was a one-size-fits-all solution. One way this is true is in international markets, where accepted tactics, user behavior, and search engine technologies and features make each region a different challenge. Today on the show, Bruce, Susan and Virginia account for the differences of SEO methodology across the world. SEOs in any region must understand the unique demands of the search space, and craft personas appropriate to their audience. International search engines have specific quality guidelines, and also, different thresholds for what may be considered spam. However, the quality guidelines in the U.S. and the white hat SEO best practices that follow them are the safest and most long-term solution to SEO, no matter where the site or business resides.

      Ben Huh understands the needs of individual communities as the founder of the Cheezburger Network. He talks to Virginia about building communities that people love. Community participation can be facilitated by making it easy to join in the conversation or generate content. He also explains that every community is different and that moderators aren’t there so much to police the community as keep it the way the users like it. He then shares what he sees as the foundational element of a successful startup, and that’s passion.

      Returning to the discussion of international SEO issues, Virginia and Daerick Gross are joined by Bruce Clay Australia’s Kate Gamble and Bruce Clay Italy’s Alessandro Agostini. While today spam and quality guidelines may vary across regions, all search engines seek to provide quality results. Avoidance of gray or black hat tactics will keep a site in the best position for long-term rankings. It’s also an SEO’s responsibility to be aware of all available features and tools at their disposal. And while competition has long been considered a question of location, when search results are dominated by domains from another region, competition is who ranks, not who is physically nearby.

    2. Shifting SERPS & Social Media Branding Lessons

      August 18, 2010

      SES San Francisco is taking place this week and the conference is expected to draw 8,000 attendees. Many of them will be learning about SEO for the first time. The search space is very different today than it was when I started decades ago. So, is it harder to get to the top of the SERPs today, and how bad will it become? Bruce, Susan and Virginia consider how personalization, blended search, changing technology, and increased competition have changed the search marketing industry.

      Joshua Titsworth

      Joshua Titsworth, digital marketing specialist at science search engine Innovadex, talks to Virginia about his experience with personal branding and influence generation among the search marketing industry. His story is a model for anyone looking to make a name for themselves or get noticed in a niche. He began by learning about the industry, then began blogging for and other blogs to get his name out, and then became an active participant of communities including Twitter, Seriously Obsessed Search Geeks, and a Search Engine Journal contributor. Then Joshua made a big scene by entering a contest for a ticket to the BlueGlass LA conference and then posting a video of himself proving just how much he wanted to attend the conference. By building up levels of engagement and then getting noticed in a big way, Joshua increased his reach and influence.

      Maryann, Susan and Virginia round out the show with a look at how failure is a helpful tool in the journey toward success. Google is recognized as the search powerhouse and a technology giant, however the company hasn’t been without its fair share of failures. Of course, flops are an accepted side effect of innovation and trial-and-error, however, Susan thinks that one of Google’s weaknesses is that the company lets the ball drop on acquisitions.

    3. SES Preview, In-House SEO and Net Neutrality

      August 11, 2010

      With SES San Francisco just a week away, Bruce and Susan, who will be attending the conference, talk about what they’re looking forward to. The conference is taking place in San Francisco for the first time, and will be part of Connected Marketing Week, a weeklong festival of educational events and workshops for the digital marketing industry. Bruce will present SEO training class on Monday, a demo of the new SEOToolSet v. 5 on Tuesday, and the SEO 101 session on Wednesday. Receive a 20 percent discount on conference registration with the code BRU20.

      Jessica Bowman, founder of and in-house SEO consultant talks to Virginia at the BlueGlass LA conference. Jessica shares creative ways to generate organization-wide excitement about SEO initiatives, signals to recognize when enthusiasm is fading, and ways to return to the dreamy honeymoon phase where spirits are high and SEO has a foothold. Jessica is a driving force in bringing together the in-house SEO community, helping provide support, events and vision in the challenging field.

      Maryann, Susan and Virginia then discuss the implications of the Verizon-Google proposal for a legislative framework for net neutrality, a principle of not restricting access to the Internet regardless of ISP, platform, or equipment. However, the proposal by Verizon and Google is being criticized as not in the public’s best interest. At question are treatment of wireless broadband, the proposition of private Internet and the companies’ motives.

    4. Passion in Business and Community Building

      August 4, 2010

      Bruce, Susan and Virginia start off the show by analyzing recent search engine updates as they may affect the SEO industry. Microsoft Advertising recently conducted a study into the habits of multi-device or multi-screen users. Those who use multiple screens to access content find that the content is more useful, relevant and more engaging. is also interested in adding engagement to the service through an enhanced question-and-answer search with a new community aspect. A new look and feel, technology, social integration and the largest index of Q&A pairs characterize the anticipated refresh.

      Andy Liu, co-founder of BuddyTV and an angel investor, then talks to Virginia at the BlueGlass LA conference. At the show, Andy spoke during the session When to raise money and when to bootstrap, sharing advice for entrepreneurs and investors about identifying a winning idea and building an engaged community. On his blog, Inspired Startup, Andy talks about leadership, investment and motivation, among other topics on making a business thrive. Passion and energy are two of the most important qualities of a successful endeavor. View the video below to watch the interview from BlueGlass LA!

      An exact formula for success remains elusive because there are so many elements in the equation. The same is true of Internet marketing, however a strong online foundation remains important no matter the size of the company or its objectives. Best practices and search engine guidelines apply to nearly every business and act as the launching platform for ambitious and innovative offerings. So what is an SEO to do when a client scoffs at best practice recommendations? Daerick, Susan and Virginia consider the options.


      1. Andy Liu, co-founder of BuddyTV and author of, talks to SEM Synergy about investing and starting up business, leadership and building communities online.

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