Show archive of March 2016

    1. SEO Strategy Roundtable with Marshall Simmonds, Sha Menz, Casie Gillette & Duane Forrester

      March 9, 2016

      A packed house of SEO experts come together to share their thoughts on the future of links and linkless attribution; the difficulty with attribution and understanding referral traffic; and why Google Web Console users want more than 90 days of search analytics data. This episode is a rebroadcast of a video Hangout, where BCI’s Social Media Editor Kristi Kellogg interviewed Duane Forrester, Marshall Simmonds, Sha Menz and Casie Gillette. Simmonds, Menz and Gillette — all of whom were speakers at SMX West 2016 earlier this month — share their thoughts on these SEO hot topics. At the end of the show, Bruce Clay weighs in on the desire for more data, as well, and Virginia Nussey shares one reason a Googler recently gave for not proving 90+ days’ worth of data.

      Download the Mar. 2, 2016, episode.

    2. Social Media Marketing with Mark Traphagen & Dustin Stout

      March 2, 2016

      What’s new in social media? SEM Synergy taps into the minds of two SMM experts -– Dustin Stout and Mark Traphagen -– to discuss how to best utilize Snapchat and other emerging platforms right now. Design guru Dustin is CMO of LA agency Weal Media, while Mark is currently Sr. Director of Marketing at Stone Temple Consulting. The two sit down with Bruce Clay, Inc. Social Media Editor Kristi Kellogg to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about social media marketing.

      Download the Mar. 2, 2016, episode.