Shows related to Audience Targeting

    1. Battleground Search

      October 21, 2009

      Information services company Experian Hitwise released a study this month reporting that long-tail searches and Google’s market share both rose in September. The shifting search…

    2. SMX Advanced and Inbound Marketing

      June 10, 2009

      SMX Advanced last week introduced a number of discussions in the SEM industry. Matt Cutts’s comments about PageRank sculpting with nofollow could spur a show…

    3. SEO All-In-One For Dummies

      May 13, 2009

      Search Engine Optimization All-In-One For Dummies has hit book store shelves. Bruce and Susan authored the desk reference guide that combines ten books in one….

    4. Targeting Your Audience

      January 21, 2009

      A user- and search-friendly site is a great thing to have, but no matter how high-quality your site is, it doesn’t mean much if the…

    5. Behavioral Targeting

      September 24, 2008

      This week’s show is dedicated to behavioral targeting and how the technology is changing the search industry as we know it. Bruce, Susan and Virginia…