SEO Copyrighting and Keyword Research

July 23, 2008

This week the hosts offer a holistic viewpoint of the SEO copywriting process and keyword research. Bruce, Robert and Susan kick off the conversation with a look at tips and procedures to keep in mind when researching keywords. From keyword suggestion tools to keyword metrics and effectiveness indicators, the research involved in targeting the most productive words and phrases for any campaign must be approached with adequate care and resources.

Virginia then speaks with Carolyn Shelby. Carolyn authors, her personal search marketing blog, and is also a host of fellow WebmasterRadio show SEO 101. She has more than a decade of experience writing content for the Web and offers a number of suggestions for where to find fresh content ideas and how to create optimized page copy and press releases.

Susan and Virginia finish up the discussion from the writer’s viewpoint of crafting optimized copy. Aim for a natural and direct writing style, keep in mind what the audience is looking for, and focus on a limited number of targeted phrases that don’t appear overtly stuffed when distributed throughout the copy.