E-Commerce Marketing & ad:tech Chicago

September 9, 2009

Bruce returns to the office after a week in the Midwest attending ad:tech Chicago. He discusses his experience at the digital marketing event with Susan and Virginia. Offline-online integration and audience engagement were two major themes at the conference, while there was little awareness of search engine marketing and optimization. Bruce noticed a disconnect in the way that people apply their traditional marketing knowledge to the online sphere.

Dr. Ralph Wilson, editor and publisher of one of the largest resources for Internet marketing and e-commerce information, Web Marketing Today, has been developing, studying and applying Internet marketing best practices since 1995. He talks to Virginia about holistic online marketing, small business e-commerce marketing, the challenges of PayPal, as well as his recommendations for e-commerce marketing for the holidays.

Wrapping up the show, Paula Allen makes her SEM Synergy debut. Paula, Virginia and Susan look at some of the Internet marketing success stories of late. Twitter, ever the source of creative marketing campaigns, shows how community engagement can work online. A recent trend to bring viral marketing strategies to traditional platforms like TV and print, such as that seen in the SnakesOnACane.com campaign, has been controversial. Only time will tell how well such viral marketing might work in the long run.