Google Search Encryption May Enable Enhanced Personalization

October 20, 2011

Google takes front and center on today’s show. First Bruce, Jessica and Virginia explore what it’s like to compete against Google properties for search real estate. While it may be an ethically questionable for Google to directly use the knowledge of the ranking algorithm to help its own properties rank in search results, beliefs about what makes a quality website may infuse the organization, leading to indirect ranking benefits.

This week Google got the attention of SEOs by announcing organic search encryption. SEOs have been quick to call out Google for reducing search referral data. Another far-reaching implication of encrypted organic search, as Bruce explains, is an increased level of personalization. Google is able to build a detailed picture of individual signed-in users’ search and click behavior, and can leverage this data for increased ad targeting and enhanced personalization of search results.

Then Jessica, Michael and Virginia discuss between Google+ and Facebook’s social networks and sharing features. The expectations of online privacy are changing, and Google and Facebook attempt to keep up with what users will allow by introducing new features and settings.