Looking Back on the Year in Search 2009

December 30, 2009

This year we saw a lot of changes take place in the search space, and as the use of Internet accessing mobile devices becomes more widespread, we’ve seen the question of public access becomes a more important consideration. It turns out that public access to the Internet was an important point, interwoven in many developments throughout 2009. Within the European Union, new rules have been passed that would guarantee high-speed Internet connections for all citizens. In the U.S., a debate is being held about public access to federally funded research and net neutrality and anti-net neutrality legislation is being considered by the U.S. government. The idea of Internet access as a right is gaining attention.

Jim Hedger
Jim Hedger, WebmasterRadio blogger and host of the show Webcology, then joins Virginia to look at the year in search. Mobile’s big break, emerging search deals, and new features at Google all make the cut of top topics of 2009. Jim also shares some insider info about his favorite WebmasterRadio moments of 2009, as well as what to look forward to from WebmasterRadio in the new year, including video integration and new shows in the line-up.

Wrapping up the last show of the year, Susan, Virginia and Michael Terry look back on what they consider the biggest milestones of 2009. Susan felt the effect of Twitter as a budding means of brand dialogue. Virginia was glad to see that mainstream use of mobile devices to accesses the Internet finally hit maturation. And Michael noted that real-time search results signal a change in how people gather and process information.