Mayday, Enterprise SEO & Retail SEM

May 26, 2010

Sounding the distress signal, some webmasters are reporting a loss of significant long-tail traffic referred by Google and have dubbed the issue the Mayday Update. Some theories are circulating, attempting to figure out what change Google made that affected long-tail traffic. Bruce suspects the Caffeine infrastructure may have something to do with the change, and expects to see further shifts due to Caffeine in the future.

Tony Adam
Tony Adam, senior manager of online marketing at MySpace, then talks to Virginia about enterprise and in-house SEO and his presentation at Search & Social Spring Summit. He explains the value of creating a road map and setting goals, the importance of conversion and optimization and testing, and the opportunity of social media. Social media and search engine optimization can be used together for optimal online marketing effect, and he shares points from his SXSW presentation on social media marketing for business.

Then Susan, Maryann and Virginia discuss search engine marketing for retail businesses. A survey by Internet Retailer reveals that retailers are attributing a large portion of online sales to search engine referrals. One interesting point is that more than 43 percent of respondents expect to increase their paid search advertising budget for Bing in the coming year. Of that group, more than 17 percent plan to shift money from the Google advertising budget to Bing. The battle of the search engines and search traffic continues.