Passion in Business and Community Building

August 4, 2010

Bruce, Susan and Virginia start off the show by analyzing recent search engine updates as they may affect the SEO industry. Microsoft Advertising recently conducted a study into the habits of multi-device or multi-screen users. Those who use multiple screens to access content find that the content is more useful, relevant and more engaging. is also interested in adding engagement to the service through an enhanced question-and-answer search with a new community aspect. A new look and feel, technology, social integration and the largest index of Q&A pairs characterize the anticipated refresh.

Andy Liu, co-founder of BuddyTV and an angel investor, then talks to Virginia at the BlueGlass LA conference. At the show, Andy spoke during the session When to raise money and when to bootstrap, sharing advice for entrepreneurs and investors about identifying a winning idea and building an engaged community. On his blog, Inspired Startup, Andy talks about leadership, investment and motivation, among other topics on making a business thrive. Passion and energy are two of the most important qualities of a successful endeavor. View the video below to watch the interview from BlueGlass LA!

An exact formula for success remains elusive because there are so many elements in the equation. The same is true of Internet marketing, however a strong online foundation remains important no matter the size of the company or its objectives. Best practices and search engine guidelines apply to nearly every business and act as the launching platform for ambitious and innovative offerings. So what is an SEO to do when a client scoffs at best practice recommendations? Daerick, Susan and Virginia consider the options.


  1. Andy Liu, co-founder of BuddyTV and author of, talks to SEM Synergy about investing and starting up business, leadership and building communities online.

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