SEO Project Management

July 30, 2008

This week the hosts take a look at Internet marketing from the overall project view. From the important first steps of the site review process to account management to the coordination of the SEO and PPC campaigns, there’s a lot to look at when it comes to integrating all search marketing efforts. Bruce and Robert start off the show discussing the site review process client sites go through at Bruce Clay, Inc. Server information, on-page factors and keyword strategy are all evaluated as an agency makes its first impressions of the scope and depth of a new project.

Virginia then talks to Bruce Clay, Inc. Account Manager Daerick Gross about project management over the life of a search marketing campaign. Daerick explains the need for someone in his position to have a strong understanding of SEO and PPC in order to be clear of the intimate details of a project, as well as have a basic understanding of how to communicate with the variety of personality types that undoubtedly are involved in every project. Daerick has written several articles on the subject of how both clients and vendors can work to make the project a success.

Then Robert and Account Executive Randall Evenson discuss how to coordinate SEO and PPC efforts. Keyword data and optimized landing pages are key to the effectiveness of both SEO and PPC campaigns. Also, the ROI of a PPC campaign can end up paying for the SEO campaign. If both SEM and SEO are implemented, communication between the two is invaluable.