SEOToolSet Free Tools & Training

December 9, 2009

Bruce Clay has long shared his passion for search engine optimization tools through the SEOToolSet. On the podcast Bruce gives an insider’s view on the company’s tools as they work hand in hand with Bruce’s SEO methodology. He also previews the new and improved SEO tools scheduled for release next year. With the SEOToolSet, users can simplify the process of site and competitor diagnostics.

Then Aaron Landerkin, Bruce Clay, Inc.’s IT Manager directing the development of the new SEOToolSet, demos the free SEO tools available at The recently launched site compiles the company’s freely available SEO tools, including the Domain Report Tool, the Server Response Checker, the SEO Cloaking Checker, the KSP Tool and the SEMToolBar. Aside from the SEMToolBar, the tools on this site are slightly limited version of their subscription-based equivalents in the SEOToolSet.

A complement to the SEOToolSet is the SEO training that instructs attendees on how to use the tools for best effect in partnership with Bruce’s methodology and SEO strategies. Standard SEO training courses are offered almost every month in Simi Valley, California, and the advanced course is offered almost every other month in California. Plus, the SEO training course is offered at many industry conferences, in New York and around the world. Bruce, Susan and Virginia consider some of their favorite qualities and contents of the training course.