Twitter Marketing: In-Stream Ads & Content Distribution

November 25, 2009

Twitter marketing is the topic du jour on today’s SEM Synergy podcast. Bruce Clay, Susan Esparza and Virginia Nussey consider the effect and efficiency of in-stream Twitter advertising. While some vocal users find in-stream advertising to be intrusive and off-putting, it may be a matter of time until Twitter users accept advertising within the format. After all, businesses have been using Twitter to promote products and services since early in the site’s history. See Dell for a shining example of community-welcomed marketing on Twitter.

graywolf Michael Gray
Internet marketer Michael Gray then talks to Virginia about recommendations for marketing on Twitter. Michael says that in-stream Twitter advertising is a worthwhile platform for brands to explore. Twitter Lists comes with risks to online reputation management. And a number of Twitter content distribution tactics that Michael describes can be applied by businesses. For more Twitter marketing and SEO recommendations, follow Michael on Twitter at @graywolf.

Then Virginia, Susan and Michael Terry share some tips and statistics to optimize content distribution on the microblogging platform. Tracking clicks through URL shorteners is one of the key steps of knowing what content is most well received by the audience. They look at which URL shorteners receive the most retweets and have the best tracking features. They also look at statistics for time of day and day of week that retweets occur most often to help marketers leverage user behavior for content distribution goals.