Vertical Search and Video SEO

February 25, 2009

The major search engines’ verticals are an important piece of the search engine optimization puzzle. Bruce, Susan and Virginia look at video and image search and methods of optimizing such content for the general search engines. Much of the benefit of using images and videos within your site is the fact that such features are engaging content that may attract user interest and interaction. The increased visibility within SERPs is another SEO advantage of video.

Mark Robertson
With video viewing at an all-time high, Virginia talks to Mark Robertson, creator and publisher of ReelSEO. Mark shares research by TubeMogul that show where people are looking for videos as well as the keys to video search engine optimization. While he specializes in optimization for self-hosted video, he also has a number of pointers on YouTube optimization as well.

To close out the show, Susan, Michael and Virginia discuss a few of Google’s other search verticals: book, news and blog search. Book, news and blog search is an additional way to brand your company or product and help users discover your content. Submitting content to these verticals is free and allows for increased targeting.