Web Analytics and eMetrics Summit

April 23, 2008

Following the ad:tech conference in San Francisco, Susan gives us a rundown of the sessions she attended and the hot discussion points of the week. For session by session coverage of ad:tech, visit the Bruce Clay blog. Susan covered sessions on branding, online video, local and mobile search, multicultural marketing, acquisition and retention strategies, and much more.

Bruce will also be speaking to Jim Sterne, founding president of the Web Analytics Association and the host of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, coming up in San Francisco in May. Jim gives listeners a basic understanding of how Web Analytics can help your site, the metrics tools available to webmasters, and of course, what to look forward to at eMetrics.

With Web Analytics on the mind, the hosts discuss some of the latest Analytics headlines. The new Google Analytics benchmarking feature allows users to compare their site’s data to others in their industry or other industries. But it also raises concerns about data privacy and the integrity of the opt-in data sharing policy. Yahoo!’s acquisition of IndexTools stands out for the way it might allow the search engine to compete with Google in providing high-quality free or low-cost Analytics.