What’s the Social Media Buzz This Week?

February 24, 2010

Social media is becoming an increasingly potent marketing influence and it’s the theme of today’s show. Bruce, Susan and Virginia kick things off by considering if and how a social media user’s sphere of influence should be considered as part of their lifetime customer value. On a blog post titled Companies Should Factor ‘Social Influence’ Into Total Customer Value, Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang outlines the benefits and risks of accounting for a users social influence.

Shannon Poole then talks to Virginia about her social media strategy for developing business, especially at conferences like the upcoming SMX West. Shannon will be involved in business development for Bruce Clay, Inc., and while at conferences like SMX and SES, she plans to use every tool available to her advantage. Speed of interaction, picking up on cues of interest, and attendance at educational events will all play a part in her business development strategy at search marketing shows. The Bruce Clay, Inc. booth at SMX West is #307. To receive a 10 percent discount on conference registration, use the discount code smx10bruceclay. Shannon B. Poole

Then Susan, Virginia and Bradley examine Internet giant Google’s latest foray into the social space, Google Buzz. Reactions to the new social networking features of Google Gmail have run the gamut from privacy related outrage to the instant acceptance that was never granted to Google Wave. Bradley wants to know what Google Buzz does that other social networks don’t already do. Susan believes that because Buzz has a built-in user base, it will be a well-adopted success for Google.