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    1. Google Place Search, Successful Blogging

      November 4, 2010

      In this week’s SEM Synergy, we’re joined by Crosby Noricks, senior social media strategist for Red Door Interactive and creator of the award-winning blog, PR Couture. Bruce also talks about the new changes rolling out on Google with its Place Search, which could severely rock the search industry. In the final segment, Susan and Jessica sit down to talk about some of the things that have helped make the Bruce Clay, Inc. blog successful over the years.

      In the first segment, Bruce, Susan and Jessica talk about the recent changes that are slowly rolling out by Google in the way of Google Place Search. While Google’s intent continues to be to make the SERPs more relevant for users, this update could mean big changes for search marketers, as organic listings are pushed down past the fold and replaced by local listings. What’s more, PPC ads are also being pushed down in favor of the local results map that’s typically found in the middle area of the SERP.

      The guest segment welcomes Crosby Noricks of PR Couture/Red Door Interactive. Red Door Interactive is an Internet presence management firm that offers strategy for all aspects of Web marketing. PR Couture is an award-winning blog launched by Crosby in 2006 after she identified a niche that was lacking online while putting together her master’s thesis centered on public relations for the fashion industry. Crosby talks about some of the things that have contributed to the blog’s success, including social media and offline factors. She wraps up with closing remarks on what’s next once a blog has reached a certain level of success.

      The last segment piggybacks off the blogging conversation with Crosby, as Susan and Jessica discuss how the Bruce Clay, Inc. blog has developed over the years and what tactics have and have not worked in making it an effective voice to be heard.