About SEM Synergy

Holistic Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing encompasses search and social marketing, both paid and organic, public relations, e-mail marketing, display advertising and other countless and growing disciplines. And while every marketing channel requires expert handling of tactics and strategies, none exists nor should be considered in isolation.

  • Ad retargeting results in a lift of trademark search behavior upwards of 1000%.
  • Online marketing drives an increase of in-store purchases by 21%. Meanwhile, offline marketing boosts online search by 40%.
  • When exposed to display ads, online consumers are more 50% more engaged with brands and spend 10% more money online.
  • Exposure to display advertising also lifts performance of both paid and organic search by an average 155%.
  • PPC advertising lifts site visits 89% beyond what would normally be expected from organic listings.

There’s endless evidence of the benefits of a marketing strategy in which channels amplify and inform each other. The SEM Synergy video series synthesizes the advice, updates, tools, tactics and strategies shared by experts in multiple marketing channels so that interactive marketers can foster an environment where communication between channels is a mark of the company culture.

SEM Synergy offers insights intended to help all digital marketers develop a holistic view of their discipline and how it can work and support other Internet marketing channels. At Internet marketing conferences, we interview experts at the top of their field for analysis of the challenges facing businesses today. The SEM Synergy team also examines the continuously changing Internet landscape to identify opportunities. Videos are posted to the Bruce Clay, Inc. YouTube channel along with transcripts on the Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet marketing blog. Check in regularly for commentary on news and tactics on a variety of Internet marketing channels we hope will leave you with actionable insights for your holistic marketing strategy.