Show archive of May 2008

    1. Siloing and PageRank Sculpting

      May 28, 2008

      Siloing and PageRank sculpting have seen some controversial debate lately, bringing Bruce and Robert to discuss the site architecture technique as it has been developed and practiced by the Bruce Clay, Inc. team. The themeing approach with PageRank benefits puts the emphasis on landing pages through linking, directory structure, or both. When implemented correctly, our clients have never seen less than a 30 percent jump in traffic when their sites are siloed.

      In preparation for SMX Advanced in Seattle, Susan talks to producer Danny Sullivan about what to expect from the two-day conference. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is almost guaranteed to show up in the conversation, along with the latest themes and topics of the search industry to be included in this expanded show. You can bet Bruce Clay, Inc. will have a few faces there.

      That’s right, Bruce Clay, Inc. will be represented at SMX Advanced from June 3-4. Susan and Bruce highlight some of the sessions that promise to educate an enlighten, including the “Creating Value In Your SEM Businesses” panel on which Bruce will be speaking. Some of the other topics covered include lead tracking, search friendly development and international SEO.

    2. PPC and SEO Work Together

      May 21, 2008

      Bruce and Robert start off the show revealing some of the strategy applied to PPC campaigns at Bruce Clay, Inc. From conversion data to keyword selection, PPC campaigns should work together with SEO campaigns. Our hosts give away some of their tricks to avoiding non-converting clicks and choosing the words that bring your company into the users’ line of sight. Bruce explains what he sees as the conversion challenges of PPC, from branding to bidding.

      Dr. Ralph Wilson Following up on this topic, Bruce talks to Dr. Ralph Wilson about his latest book, the third edition of “How to Develop a Landing Page“. Dr. Wilson is a veteran expert in the Internet marketing space, having edited and published the weekly email newsletter Web Marketing Today since 1995. His new book covers the customer research, copywriting, design, tracking and testing involved in crafting powerful landing pages.

      In a special report to SEM Synergy, Bruce Clay, Inc. IT Manager Aaron Landerkin gives Bruce and the audience a rundown of the Omniture training he recently attended. As an authorized Omniture sales and support agency, our team prepares to master the full offerings of the Web analytics program and Aaron fills us in on some of the key tools and data offered by Omniture.

    3. IT’s Role in SEO

      May 14, 2008

      The Bruce Clay team has been attending a number of conferences recently. In our latest newsletter, Lisa Barone and Susan Esparza debated the benefits of attending both large and small conferences. With marketers facing the continuously evolving online space, attending training and conferences are vital investments. Along with staying up to date on trends, tools and methods, conferences and training are also great opportunities to network and increase brand awareness.

      Then, the Bruce Clay IT Manager Aaron Landerkin sits down with Robert to talk about the role of IT at an SEO/SEM company and the unique challenges IT must meet in the marketing industry. As IT Manager, Aaron’s tasks include updating and managing tools and programming projects, checking the status of internal networks and servers, and creating custom tools and reports for analysts and clients. Aaron’s experience as an SEO has been helpful, but not required.

      Finally the hosts discuss industry news. According to a Hitwise report on the most searched for brands of last year, it appears that Google is overcoming the address bar as far as navigation is concerned. One of the most searched for brands is YouTube, which has racked up 73 percent of the online video market. Requiring such a high amount of bandwidth, it makes our hosts wonder if YouTube is partly causing global warming… just kidding!

    4. Email Marketing and Social Media

      May 7, 2008

      The end of April saw the latest SMX show, SMX Social Media Marketing Expo in Long Beach, CA. Our Bruce Clay blogger-extraordinaire Lisa Barone caught a bunch of the action and posted it to the Bruce Clay blog. Social media is fast on the rise, representing a big part of users’ time online.

      According to Morgan Stanley’s recently released report on Internet trends, social sites have reached a 16 percent share of global online time. This is even more remarkable considering the category wasn’t even included in the report three years ago. With the recently-exploding prevalence of social sites, marketers need to get up to speed on the power of social media sites and the ways in which they can be used for marketing goals. SMX Social Media was full of sessions to help marketers utilize the opportunities presented by social media sites, and Bruce, Susan and Robert discuss some of those valuable lessons.

      Also on the show is Adam Audette of AudetteMedia and moderator of the Internet marketing discussion list, LED Digest. Adam and Robert talk about the value of email discussion lists, the relevance of email marketing, and common mistakes companies make in their email marketing campaigns.

      At the end of the show our hosts delve into the obstacles of staying competitive and relevant in the rapidly-evolving online environment. With the intense level of competition and the up-to-the-minute potential of updated content, the Internet provides unique challenges for marketers trying to stay on the cutting edge. Bruce, Robert and Susan talk about how often company and client material is updated and what avenues can be used in order to remain visible to your audience.