PPC and SEO Work Together

May 21, 2008

Bruce and Robert start off the show revealing some of the strategy applied to PPC campaigns at Bruce Clay, Inc. From conversion data to keyword selection, PPC campaigns should work together with SEO campaigns. Our hosts give away some of their tricks to avoiding non-converting clicks and choosing the words that bring your company into the users’ line of sight. Bruce explains what he sees as the conversion challenges of PPC, from branding to bidding.

Dr. Ralph Wilson Following up on this topic, Bruce talks to Dr. Ralph Wilson about his latest book, the third edition of “How to Develop a Landing Page“. Dr. Wilson is a veteran expert in the Internet marketing space, having edited and published the weekly email newsletter Web Marketing Today since 1995. His new book covers the customer research, copywriting, design, tracking and testing involved in crafting powerful landing pages.

In a special report to SEM Synergy, Bruce Clay, Inc. IT Manager Aaron Landerkin gives Bruce and the audience a rundown of the Omniture training he recently attended. As an authorized Omniture sales and support agency, our team prepares to master the full offerings of the Web analytics program and Aaron fills us in on some of the key tools and data offered by Omniture.