Show archive of April 2008

    1. Alexa Ranking Relevance

      April 30, 2008

      News of a new and improved Alexa Traffic Ranking system hit the Web this month. While Robert and Bruce don’t see Alexa Rankings regaining relevance for the industry, the overhaul is a much needed change for the often-inaccurate and easily-manipulated rankings provider. Also on the mind is how the depressed market has affected the search industry. Our hosts predict that the recession could see advertisers moving online for its high accountability.

      Bruce speaks to our SEO Charity Contest winner Ryan Freeman. Ryan runs Strider Inc., a small business SEO firm in Toronto. He won the competition for his proposed organic SEO campaign for The Elisha Foundation. His business is focused on SEO for small businesses and non-profits because he likes to see them gain the visibility needed to compete in the market. Bruce and Ryan talk about the unique challenges of optimizing for small businesses.

      Finally, our hosts preview some of the sessions at the upcoming eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in San Francisco. The conference has been around since 2002 and focuses on technologies and methodologies of measuring site success. Best practices and the benefit of analytics is looked at in detail.

    2. Web Analytics and eMetrics Summit

      April 23, 2008

      Following the ad:tech conference in San Francisco, Susan gives us a rundown of the sessions she attended and the hot discussion points of the week. For session by session coverage of ad:tech, visit the Bruce Clay blog. Susan covered sessions on branding, online video, local and mobile search, multicultural marketing, acquisition and retention strategies, and much more.

      Bruce will also be speaking to Jim Sterne, founding president of the Web Analytics Association and the host of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, coming up in San Francisco in May. Jim gives listeners a basic understanding of how Web Analytics can help your site, the metrics tools available to webmasters, and of course, what to look forward to at eMetrics.

      With Web Analytics on the mind, the hosts discuss some of the latest Analytics headlines. The new Google Analytics benchmarking feature allows users to compare their site’s data to others in their industry or other industries. But it also raises concerns about data privacy and the integrity of the opt-in data sharing policy. Yahoo!’s acquisition of IndexTools stands out for the way it might allow the search engine to compete with Google in providing high-quality free or low-cost Analytics.

    3. Welcome to SEM Synergy

      April 16, 2008

      Hosts Bruce Clay, Robert Esparza and Susan Esparza introduce you to the brand new WebmasterRadio show SEM Synergy. For some time now, Bruce Clay, Inc. has wanted to launch a show that discusses how SEO, PPC, branding, design and analytics are all parts of a much larger whole. In our experience, a multi-faceted Internet marketing campaign will be exponentially more successful than a campaign that employs only one aspect. In adding to the conversation, we look forward to expert guests coming on the show to give their insight on a variety of Internet marketing aspects.

      At ad:tech San Francisco, many of these aspects are sure to gain attention, such as online video, local and mobile search, and branding in advertising. Susan will be liveblogging a number of sessions, so be sure to check out the Bruce Clay blog for all the highlights.

      Finally, our hosts will spend some time covering the latest industry headlines. Google has been dominating the news with the dancing SERPs of the Dewey update, its intent to sell off the Performics search marketing company, and its whopping share of the online advertising market through the DoubleClick acquisition.