Show archive of October 2016

    1. Pro SEO Tools are More Affordable than Ever

      October 26, 2016

      The SEOToolSet is one of the most robust SEO tool suites on the market. Newly updated, the SEOToolSet provides more key data than ever before. Listen in as the people behind the tools discuss its new features, including SSL security, mobile friendliness and much more. Bruce Clay, Duane Forrester, Aaron Landerkin, Paula Allen and Virginia Nussey give you an insider’s look at the SEOToolSet 6.1.

    2. How to Optimize for Google NOW

      October 19, 2016

      Google recently debuted its new voice-activated smart home system, Google Home. Listen in as Bruce Clay, Kristi Kellogg, Paula Allen and John Alexander talk about what this means for the future of SEO. With voice search results, there’s no such thing as ten blue links — there’s one answer, and that means search marketers have to understand where that answer is coming from, and how to optimize their content so they can earn that single coveted spot. Later in the show, they’ll also talk about the latest news making search and social headlines, including major announcements from Google and Snapchat’s new product.

    3. Where Social Media is Headed: Leading Social Media Marketers Talk Snapchat, Twitter, Live Video & More

      October 12, 2016

      Social media marketing leaders Lisa Buyer, Melissa Fach and Jabez Lebret talk Snapchat, Facebook Live and Twitter. Buyer, Fach and Lebret lead a social media masterclass each year at Pubcon Las Vegas — in this interview with Kristi Kellogg and Virginia Nussey, they share some of their top strategies for engaging customers on these social platforms. Listen in for their thoughts on where Twitter is heading, creating Snapchattable moments, and much more!