Agency vs. In-House

August 6, 2008

Bruce, Robert and Virginia kick off the show with recent search headlines. In Google news, the search engine announced it will begin indexing audio and video files on YouTube’s Politicians channels. Google has been sued over its AdSense for Domains program, allegedly selling low-quality ads unlikely to convert. And the Google AdWords program got a makeover when they announced that keyword and placement targeting will be combined in a single ad group.

Then Virginia talks to Scott Polk, a new senior SEO analyst at Bruce Clay, Inc. Experienced as a consultant and in-house SEO, Scott talks about the transition from in-house to agency and the different demands of the two environments. Implementation, evangelism and the number of hats worn all vary slightly in each role.

Susan and Virginia close out the show with a look at the different types of training courses. Training is one of the ways that Internet marketers can stay up to date with new technologies and search engine guidelines. Training seminars, remote training, and on-site training are all options that you will have to weigh based on your needs and resources. The Bruce Clay, Inc. SEOToolSet Training will be presented following SMX East Oct. 9-10. It’s a great opportunity to attend the white hat SEO training course that has, until now, only been offered on the West Coast.