Analytics and Content Management

February 17, 2009

Today’s show is aimed at the intersection of analytics and content. Content, one of the most vital components of any successful Web site, should be optimized in order for easy searchability and findability. Analytics and testing allows those working on the site to make sure site content meets the expectations and needs of a visitor.

Then Apogee Search’s Bill Leake, president and CEO, and Alissa Ruehl, manager of website effectiveness consulting, talk to Virginia about the latest in conversion tracking and testing. Apogee Search recently became a Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC), so Bill and Alissa explain what additional services their organization can provide through this distinction. Google Website Optimizer is a multivariate and A/B testing solution. The different levels of testing provided by Website Optimizer as well as other necessary analytics solutions are discussed.

Finishing out the show, Susan, Michael and Virginia look at what’s needed from an SEO-friendly CMS. Since the recording of this show, Pixelsilk was launched. Pixelsilk is a prime example of a content management system that was created with search engine optimization in mind. According to the company, the CMS “allows full access and control of the HTML to implement a branded design, custom development, e-commerce cart or search strategy – while still being easy for those editing content”. The ability to customize HTML is a major requirement for successful implementation of SEO recommendations.