Analytics: Trends and the Longtail

February 4, 2009

In the weak economy, companies are paying close attention to where every dollar is going. Marketing campaigns must show proof of success in order to avoid the chopping block, and that’s where Web analytics come in. Bruce, Susan and Virginia start off the show with a look at how analytics help marketers spot the trends occurring on their site in order to leverage user interests, alleviate bottlenecks, and better direct visitors to places of interest on the site.

Richard Zwicky, CEO of Enquisite
Then Richard Zwicky, CEO of Enquisite, stops by the Bruce Clay, Inc. offices just in time to talk to Virginia about the recently announced partnership of the two companies. Bruce Clay, Inc. now offers clients Enquisite’s powerful search analytics platform to help improve site performance and conversion tracking. Richard and Virginia also talk about some of the panels that he will be speaking on at SES London.

Maryann joins Susan and Virginia to talk about optimizing a site for the longtail of search. A significant amount of queries that bring users to a site are unique longtail phrases which are usually very targeted and close to the conversion stages of the buying cycle. One way to help your site rank for longtail phrases is through siloing, which strengthens the relevance of sections of the site.