Blogging and Authority with Lisa Barone

February 3, 2010

Today Bruce Clay and the hosts explore the value of blogging and measures of authority online. A company blog offers many marketing advantages, such as demonstration of expertise, interaction with a community, and communicating a company as personable and value driven. Susan points out that companies don’t need to fear giving up brand control when hiring a blogger. For example, Bruce Clay, Inc. was able to transition from blogger to blogger because while the voice changed, the company’s strengths and values remained. Bruce highlights the fact that while many great goals can be accomplished through a blog, you should know ahead of time that a blog is resource intensive.

Lisa Barone
Lisa Barone, co-founder and chief branding officer of Internet marketing firm Outspoken Media, visited her former co-workers and friends at the Bruce Clay, Inc. office last week. While in town, Lisa, Susan and Virginia head to a local hangout to drink margaritas and talk about blogging and marketing. Lisa shares her method for generating blog posts and content for clients. She also talks about the importance of self promotion, explaining that promotion can be more important than the quality of content — because even the world’s greatest content won’t be read if no one knows about it.

Lisa is a trusted authority as a blogger and community builder because she has proven her expertise to the community. It leads Susan, Virginia and Michael to consider the qualities of an authority and how one can cultivate authority status. Along with having an expert level of knowledge, an authority also gives back to the community by sharing their research and experience.