Brands in SERPs and Search News

May 5, 2010

Among the many UI changes Google has tested this year, one that may really shake up traffic is the addition of links to brands at the top of the results pages. Bruce, Susan and Virginia discuss Google’s preference for brands and how the brand links at the top of the page must fit into one or more of Google’s goals: to satisfy users, generate ad buys or keep visitors on site longer. Google seems intent to reward big brands with SERP visibility, which makes the job of an SEO more challenging. One way SEOs may be able to adapt to the change is to optimize Google-favored brand names on their sites. Though, until the test is rolled out officially, it remains to be seen if such a tactic would be effective.

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Then Susan, Virginia and Aaron take a look at some search news. Google has launched a product reviews program. Product reviews and user ratings will be displayed in Google Product Search results and ads for participating retailers. Google has also renamed its Local Business Center to Google Places and added several new features, including photo shoots in select cities and a new advertising program. The search engine may be revamping its map and local listing service in order to better compete with the advanced offerings of Bing in that area. However, Bing continues to report losses in its online services division. Finally, the definition of a journalist is called into question with recent events in New Jersey and Silicon Valley. The question has definite repercussions in the blogging world.