Bruce Clay Australia Reports & Training Events

February 17, 2010

Today is the first of several SEO training courses being offered across Australia by Bruce Clay Australia. On the show, Bruce, Susan and Virginia highlight the new offerings and resources offered by the team at Bruce Clay Australia, including a recent blog post titled Keyword Research — Factors to Consider. Keyword seasonality is discussed along with keyword regionality. The hosts also consider an approach for long-term optimization of seasonal keywords, a concept described by the freshly minted phrase “keyword mobility.”

Des Odell, director and co-founder of Bruce Clay Australia, jumps in to share lots of news coming out of the office in Sydney. The company has released a report on SEO factors and trends as an overview of high-level SEO opportunities as well as actionable recommendations for taking advantage of each. Bruce Clay Australia has also teamed up with the U.S. offices to report the country’s Internet marketing news within the SEOToolSet Newsletter. In Bruce Clay Australia’s debut newsletter article, readers will find statistics and analysis on the state of the Australian search market, where PPC advertising is much more widely adopted than SEO marketing.

Bradley, Susan and Virginia then take a closer look at the SEO Factors and Trends Report. Bradley appreciates that the report takes a broad and high level view of search engine optimization, yet it is focused on the critical and complex SEO issue of content relevance. Susan explains how the goal of SEO has expanded beyond having the right content, as more and more sites compete for this status. Now it’s about getting that right content out to people when they need it through a speedy site, on the go through mobile-friendly versions, and in multiple ways for different learning types through engagement objects™.