Content Planning and Promotion

October 13, 2011

Content marketing and planning is the theme of the show today. Over the last few months, any conversation on Web content leads to a discussion of Google’s Panda Updates. The original Panda Update from February and subsequent updates address the quality and value of content on the Web. Rankings of sites like article farms, aggregator sites and other content models, like Q&A sites and affiliate sites, suffered as a result of the effort. Bruce talks about possible targets of the Panda Update, including engagement and a debate of value vs. quality.

Neal Rodriguez, managing director at Shovecom LLC, Internet marketing columnist for Forbes, blogger/vlogger, catches up with Virginia on the streets of New York City. Neal has interviewed a number of industry professionals as a video blogger, and shares tips on how to find good interview candidates and how to optimize videos for search visibility.

Jessica, Michael and Virginia then discuss the process of content engineering, or content strategy and planning where the writing, marketing and analytics teams all work together to create content that is useful to the audience.In order to maintain a steady stream of original content, it helps to put in place an editorial calendar. An organization can create a system of self-promotion and momentum by planning content topics ahead of time.