East Coast SEO Training

March 11, 2009

For years Bruce Clay, Inc. has offered beginner and expert SEOs alike a hands-on training course that helps marketers stay in touch with the latest techniques and guidelines from the engines. We’re excited to be teaching our SEO Training course on the East Coast for the first time this month. As an extension of Search Engine Strategies New York, Bruce Clay and Christopher Hart will present one-day SEOToolSet training — the perfect way to wrap up a week of search marketing education.

Chris Hart at Scary SEO 2008
Photo by Dana Lookadoo
It doesn’t end there. The full three-day standard SEO training course will be back on the East Coast April 26-28. Chris comes on the show to talk to Virginia about details of the East Coast training course and the importance of training in creating a base level of knowledge across an organization. Training is useful for those doing the work of Internet marketing, but it’s just as necessary for executives. While executives won’t likely be implementing search engine optimization techniques themselves, their understanding is a crucial factor to the company’s coordination and embrace of SEO initiatives.

Rounding out the show, Virginia and Bradley discuss an issue covered in SEOToolSet Training: industry ethics. SEOToolSet certification is a credential that brings along with it Bruce Clay, Inc.’s reputation for high ethical standards and easily demonstrates a commitment to doing right by your clients. With more companies turning to SEO to help strengthen their online visibility in the weak economic climate, differentiate your services through ethics and best practices.