Google Caffeine vs. Mayday and E-Commerce Video SEO

July 14, 2010

Google CEO Eric Schmidt shared his vision of the future of the Internet in a keynote address for the Guardian’s Activate Summit in June. In agreement with Schmidt, Bruce, Susan and Virginia launch the show by looking at the role of mobile devices and personally targeted search and advertising and how these technologies are shaping the Web. They also dissect Schmidt’s point that personalization may narrow readers’ social views by shaping the news delivered to them and biasing their information input.

Virginia then sits down with BCI senior SEO analyst Bradley Leese to talk about his research into the differences and correlations between Google’s algorithm update Mayday and infrastructure update Caffeine. As both hit the scene around the same time, the results of each are often considered together. Whatever recent indexing and ranking changes can be attributed to, the total effect is that performance, engagement and brand consistency across the Web are more important than ever before.

As search has evolved, engagement has become an increasingly powerful factor in ranking and SERP placement. Video is a highly engaging medium that can afford brands real estate in blended SERPs. E-commerce businesses have much to gain from videos as they instill confidence and credibility in products. Video has become the second-highest priority behind social media tools for online retailers, with more than 42 percent of respondents to a survey reporting plans to add video to their site over the next 12 months.