Hyperlocal Growth & Marketing Opportunities

September 23, 2009

In the ever-changing online landscape, trends and buzzwords come and go. But the emergence of hyperlocal communication and content online is likely here to stay. Hyperlocal content refers to the local social activities of Internet users. With anyone and everyone reaching publisher status, there’s been an increase in hyperlocal activity. From photo uploads, to classifieds, to geotagging and social networks, the hyperlocal movement is changing the face of the Web.

Ben Saren, CEO of local review and recommendation site CitySquares, and Internet strategist Martin Canchola, join Virginia to talk about how businesses can optimize their hyperlocal presence. Ben explains how a small business owner can maintain a presence on multiple social networks. Martin examines the challenges and benefits for small businesses entering online communities. The discussion also explores the competition between journalism and hyperlocal bloggers.
Ben Saren

Martin Canchola

Then Michael, Susan and Virginia look at some news stories surrounding the growing hyperlocal scene. Yahoo! Local Neighbors is a message board for every town in the USA. Users can sign up to receive email updates or subscribe to RSS feeds for each area. The service is a great platform for small business owners looking to enter community watering holes. Meanwhile, news organizations are testing the hyperlocal waters, with The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times about to launch local editions in San Francisco and The Washington Post shutting down its hyperlocal experiment.