International Search Marketing

November 5, 2008

On today’s show, the discussion revolves around international search engine marketing. Susan, Michael and Virginia start off by looking at search marketing in Europe. Currency and payment options, language, search engines and searcher expectations differ from country to country. Our hosts consider these differences as well as country-specific Internet user statistics and adoption rates.

Then Virginia speaks to Motoko Hunt, founder and Japanese search marketing strategist of AJPR. Motoko’s company specializes in optimizing sites for companies marketing in Japan. She explains the difference between how search marketing is viewed in Japan versus how it is viewed in the U.S., lessons that can be learned from how mobile marketing is done in Japan, and the misconception of Yahoo’s dominance in Japan.

The hosts turn to Asia Pacific and Latin American markets to close out the show. With China’s online population now exceeding the U.S.’s, considering a presence with Chinese Internet users could be a smart decision. Latin America is also experiencing a boom of Internet users.