Is Advanced SEO Black Hat?

June 11, 2008

After the debate-inspiring conference that was SMX Advanced, our hosts take on one of the most popular topics concerning the show. The issue of whether or not SMX Advanced has moved to the “dark side” — spurred by black/gray tactics discussed, most notably, at the link building and Give It Up sessions — has generated heated debate across the Web, including on the Bruce Clay blog.

Jeremiah Andrick, Program Manager of Live Search Webmaster Center, speaks with Virginia from the SMX show room floor. Jeremiah talks about the Robots Exclusion Protocol, the Microsoft 404 Toolkit, what webmasters can find in Live Search Webmaster Center, as well as why he likes attending industry conferences.

Then the hosts sit down to discuss the benefits of publishing a corporate blog. From enhanced internal communication to improved customer service and media relations, the upsides to a blog are great. However, blogs require resources and support to work, which can only occur when the whole company understands what can be gained.