Web Super Powers and Link Building Best Practices

October 27, 2011

The search engine industry is nothing if not fast moving. And as leaders and losers jockey for power, Bruce, Jessica and Virginia start the show by looking at what’s happening at Google, Bing and Yahoo lately. Google is rumored to be willing to help finance the purchase of Yahoo, which raises questions of what Google’s ulterior motive might be. The hosts also discuss Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s comments about Bing’s search quality, namely, that Bing and Google are the same 70% of the time.

The critical role link building plays in SEO efforts for any search engine is clear. Julie Joyce, co-founder of link building and social media marketing company Link Fish Media, Link Week columnist at Search Engine Land and blogger at SEO Chicks. Julie talks about tactics for link building on a budget, the lasting effect of a good reputation, and how to deal with the long life cycle of link building when clients expect results.

Then Aaron, Jessica and Virginia look at the ongoing tech war between the Web’s superpowers: Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. Google has its hands in just about everything from hardware to software to services and beyond. Amazon’s moves into the hardware space can be traced directly back to a wish to enable consumers to use the shopping service. Whether these companies are losing sight of what they’re good at or putting themselves in dominant positions remains to be seen.