Local Business SEO and Google+ Biz Pages

November 10, 2011

Bruce Clay and Jessica Lee are in Las Vegas this week attending, blogging, speaking at and having a good time at PubCon. Maryann Robbins, Aaron Landerkin and Virginia Nussey take over the podcast in their absence, analyzing the conference news and information as covered by blogs and reports on Twitter. Overall “site quality” is a buzz phrase from the conference, and by aiming for a high-quality site as a whole, SEOs can avoid scrutiny by Google. Site quality includes relevance and timeliness of content, site architecture and more.

Calling into the show from Las Vegas is Michael Dorausch, chiropractor at ADIO Chiropractic in Los Angeles, and a well-known SEO and webmaster and frequent speaker on local search. He shares points from his presentation on local search rankings, including tips for gleaning data from your in-store customers that can be leveraged in online marketing. He also talks about dealing with negative reviews and how Internet users interpret reviews.

Finally, the hosts devote time to Google’s social network Google+ and news surrounding it. Newly offered business pages and available with categories of local businesses and places, products or brands, companies or organizations, and arts, entertainment or sports. And it looks like +1s are officially expected to play a role in ranking results in search and in AdWords. An article by Bruce Clay Australia introduces businesses to the opportunities of Google+ business pages and their affect on search marketing.