Local Search Resources for Small Businesses

February 11, 2009

Today’s show is dedicated to small businesses and local search. Bruce, Susan and Virginia start off the show by looking at small business SEO. One of the nice things about running a small business is that there is less red tape to get through to make changes. This means it’s easier to jump right into local search optimization. A good way to kick-start your small businesses search presence is by getting involved in the community. Participate in community blogs or start your own, and don’t forget to get some SEO training from a reputable program or conference.

Patrick Sexton
Patrick Sexton then talks to Virginia about one of the newest resources for small business owners new to navigating local search, GetListed.org. The site is designed to help small business owners begin promoting their business online through a simple interface that lets them identify the major local listing services they aren’t currently taking advantage of. The site was launched late last month but is already helping business owners find missed opportunities and even uncover hijacked listings. Patrick is planning additions to the service, such as international versions and directory checkers.

Local search has overtaken the Yellow Pages as the way to get found by acommunity. An aspect of local search that is often overlooked is targeting searchers who are new to or visiting a location. In order to cater to these searchers, include landmarks in the directions to the business. In listing services, be sure to take advantage of all enhancement capabilities, such as credit cards you accept, towns you service, and any notable brands or products you carry. Reviews are also an incredibly powerful tool for attracting new customers.