PPC Experts at SES San Francisco

August 25, 2011

This episode of SEM Synergy is like a PPC master class from SES San Francisco. Our first guest is Kevin Lee, CEO and co-founder of Didit, author of “Search Engine Advertising” and ClickZ column Paid Search Strategies, and a member of the SEMPO board of directors. Kevin talks about the untapped potential of retargeting or remarketing, Facebook advertising and paid search tactics.

Then Will Eisner and Jason O’Hare of WordStream talk to Virginia during SES San Francisco. WordStream is an SEM tools and software company that recently released the AdWords Performance Grader. The pair run through the free report that evaluates your Google AdWords campaign on nine criteria: wasted spend, Quality Score, impression share, click through rate, account activity, long-tail keyword optimization, text ad optimization, landing page optimization and best practices for PPC advertising.

Our final guest is Andrew Goodman, founder and principal at Page Zero Media, author of “Winning Results with Google AdWords” and the blog Traffick, columnist for ClickZ’s Paid Search Strategies column, and a member of the SES advisory board. Virginia talks to Andrew about the effects of the Yahoo!-Bing paid search alliance on search engine marketers, and whether the partnership was an improvement for practitioners. He also shares his opinion on the effectiveness of social media networks as an advertising channel, and explains how Google’s ad platform benefited from Google+ popularity.

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