Robots Exclusion Protocol

July 16, 2008

The Robots Exclusion Protocol is a powerful tool in any SEO’s artillery, offering a number of methods to control how a bot crawls and indexes a site. Bruce, Robert and Susan look at Vanessa Fox’s article Managing Robot’s Access To Your Website for an in-depth understanding of the various commands available for robot management.

Virginia then speaks with Jonathan Dingman, author of Google Inside, for a look at recent developments of Google and, another of Jonathan’s topics of interest, WordPress. Jonathan is organizing WordCamp New York, to be held in October, for everyone interested in learning more about how to harness the power of WordPress.

Robert and Virginia finish up the show with a look at ways for marketers to differentiate their agency from others. In the competitive field of search marketing, concentrating on specific verticals, offering special technologies, focusing on a geographic region, or providing top-quality service can set you apart from your competition.