SEO Client Expectation Management & the Big Picture

April 14, 2010

It’s iPad mania in the tech world these days. The touch-pad tablet computing from Apple has been flying off the shelves since it became available in April. Some technology analysts expect to see the iPad user base reach critical mass within months, so it might be worth an SEO’s time to consider optimizing their content for the device. Safari, the default browser for the iPad, has released a readiness checklist for the iPad for developers. Google explains how to deliver ads to the iPad and other mobile devices. Keep in mind that Flash doesn’t render on the iPad and that the device switches between landscape and portrait layout.

Alan Bleiweiss head shot

Alan Bleiweiss, an SEO consultant at, then talks to Virginia about the challenge of setting client expectations up front and how an SEO site audit establishes a foundation of understanding and communication so important for any project. He outlines obstacles that keep site owners for realistic expectations, and ways to manage them. He also shares his technique for dealing with ignored recommendations. And based on years of experience, he gives his advice for establishing mutual respect and trust by avoiding the pressure of providing free services.

Then the co-hosts take a high-level view of the marketing big picture. The rivalry between different Internet marketing channels is a disservice to businesses looking for improved online visibility. Rather than pointing to a one-dimensional solution for an optimized Web presence — be it SEO, PPC, conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, or more — channels work together for optimal effect. Vanessa Fox lays it out well in her post Should Restaurants Care About Local Search? Think “and” and not “or.”