The SEO Hierarchy of Needs

September 16, 2009

The SEO Hierarchy of Needs has proven to be a helpful resource for marketers looking to explain to clients the tiered priorities of search engine optimization. Bruce, Susan and Virginia discuss other applications for the diagram, including how it can be adapted to individual tactics as well as other Internet marketing disciplines. Check out the interactive SEO Hierarchy of Needs or the downloadable PDF for more information.

screen shot of Tech Torture with Topher
Speaking of needs, Topher Kohan, SEO coordinator at, talks to Virginia about the technology we need to do our jobs and live our day-to-day lives. In Tech Torture with Topher, Topher tests just how hard it is to go a week without different technologies. He’s tried everything from living off an iPhone to not having access to tech outside the 9-5. It’s a fascinating study of our ultra-connected tendencies.

Then Paula, Susan and Virginia consider the differences between the old and new worlds — of marketing, that is. As the Internet revolutionized our lives, it revolutionized marketing as well. One common stumbling block of the transition has been attempts to directly translate traditional marketing efforts online. In truth, there are many major differences between online and offline marketing, best practices for each, and what the goals, metrics and expectations are for each.