SEO + Social Media 4eva

September 22, 2011

Today’s show has a social focus, with Facebook’s slew of major changes this week and Bruce preparing for a trip to the Wappow Search and Social conference. First, Bruce, Jessica and Virginia preview Bruce’s keynote address for the conference, a look at the need for social media and search marketers to understand one another, work together and integrate each other’s initiatives. They also talk about the increasing socialization of search, thanks to social indicators’ influence on search results.

Then Marty Weintraub, president of aimClear and author of Killer Facebook Ads, talks shares some practical and tactical advice for advertising on Facebook. The book includes an extensive appendix of Facebook targeting segments, which was the thrust of why Marty wanted to write the book in the first place. It’s a resource that the team at aimClear uses constantly to identify very specific audiences on the platform, known among marketers for its tightly focused targeting capabilities. Marty also shares a hack that allows advertisers to find related keywords and concepts that might be relevant targets.

Then Aaron, Jessica and Virginia discuss the interplay between social, local and mobile marketing online. A track at SMX East centered around the SoLoMo space and the intersection of these three distinct yet synergistic Internet marketing practices. Small and local businesses can cultivate a rich online presence through targeted social, local and mobile marketing strategies. If done with a plan and goals at the outset, it can be a highly efficient use of resources for maximum reach and ROI.